Human Resource Management


  1. Mission – To ensure coordinated service delivery following on both Natural and district priorities for sustainable, social and Economic development of Mpigi District.
  2. Vision ­– A district where people have access to basic social services and are empowered for sustainable house hold and community development.
  3. Department Mandate – To ensure effective and efficient coordination of service delivery in the District.
  4. Sector Indicative Resource Envelope for 2018/19

(a)   Local Revenue                      – Shs 98,247,636/=

(b)   Unconditional Grant            - Shs 355,745,922/=

(c)    Conditional Grant                - Shs 3,893,476,607/=

(d)  Donors/Koica                      - Shs 150,000,000/=

(e)   Others                                                NIL


  1. 6.      Achievements for the Sector July 2017 to date.


  • Co-ordinated implementation of Government projects under the various programmes.
  • Held 4 TPCs.
  • Implemented lawful council resolutions.
  • Monitored implementation of Government projects under PAF, DDEG, OWC, and URF.
  • Attended various meetings at the center and locally at the District.
  • Submitted mandatory quarterly reports to Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development.
  • Paid for Utilities e.g water, Umeme etc.
  • Appraised staff performance.
  • Availed office stationery to Headquarter staff.
  • Timely preparation of payment schedule for salary and pension which has led to payments done by 28th day of every month.
  • The payroll and staff list is updated and all staff are on payroll.
  • Disciplinary cases have been timely handled in the Rewards and Sanction Committee.
  • The Training Committee has handled and recommended cases for study leave.
  • Released sector funds have been accounted on time.
  • Technical guidance and support on Human Resource matters has been timely given.
  • The contracts committee has awarded 18 contracts amongst which are frame works and capital projects under open bidding.
  • 43 Local Revenue Tenders have been awarded.
  • Approved list of prequalified service providers FY 2017-2018.
  • Mpigi District is among the 10 selected entities to benefit from electronic Government procurement (e-GP) FY 2018/19.
  • Personnel files have been digitized as a result of the introduction of Electronic Document management system (EDMS) by Ministry of Public Service (MoPS).
  • An electronic index has been created to facilitate easy access and retrieval of documents.
  • Since decentralization of pension and gratuity, personnel files for pensioners have been created and currently all pensioners on District payroll have got their respective pension files.
  • Records management practices have been streamlined due to the application of procedures and policies provided by Ministry of Public Service from time to time.
  • General cleanliness done in time for better service delivery.
  • Sanitation has improved after renovation of the pit latrine and its urinal.
  • Acquired a galivable mopper for cleaning the offices with tiles.
  • Compound maintenance has improved.



Its major mandate is to gather process and disseminate information, mobilize people to participate in Government programmes and improve the public relations image of the District. During the last 6 months, the sector registered the following achievements.


  • Day today gathering and dissemination of information in print and electronic media.
  • Connected the District with the internet.
  • Maintained and updated the District website




  1. 7.      Challenges faced


  • Inadequate funding to the sector.
  • Inadequate transport /Old vehicle for the office.
  • Inadequate provision of commuted pension gratuity has affected payments of pensioners e.g F/Y 2017/18 budget has a shortfall of CPG of UGX 455,000,000
  • There is an increase in pension arrears caused by cases that are transioned/migrated to the District voted by Ministry of Public Service yet they were not budgeted for.
  • Inadequate Capacity Building Grant which cannot cater for the identified capacity needs of the District only UGX 7,000,000 is provided for in the budget.
  • Lack of facilitation to conduct field visits to check out for duty attendance of staff.
  • The upgrade of intergrated personnel payroll system (IPPS) has led to some staff records to be deleted from the payroll and reactivation is tedious.
  • In addition, managing retirement benefits of beneficiaries of the deceased staff has remained a challenge.
  • The introduction of single loan deduction by the Uganda Consumers Lenders Association has led to some staff payments inserted with deduction codes yet they didn’t acquire loans.
  • Inadequate funding to the sector.
  • The sector luck transport.
  • The sector has no camera.
  • Late submission of form 1 together with departmental requirements.
  • Inadequate funding to the sector.
  • Delay by line ministries to grant authority to dispose of old assets.
  • Luck of funding on the side of records management function which has hampered effective flow of work within the sector.
  • Understaffing.
  • Poor records management practices at Lower Governments as a result of field visits to guide staff.
  • Limited storage equipment.
  • Lack of enough lighting in the offices.
  • Lack of security personnel at the offices almost all Departments.
  • Security lights at the Administration block.
  • Inadequate funds for cleaning materials.
  • Motivation to prisoners for slashing our compound.




  1. 8.      Strategies


  • In order to gain confidence of tax payers we will make the Budgeting process transport update our website regularly.
  • Build a reliable tax payers data Base using a computer donated by LGFC.
  • Source funds for internal Induction of councilors.
  • Strengthen Asset Management and approve the risk and Asset management policy.
  • Follow up the formulation of “Self help” ordinance.
  • Ensure early procurement.
  • Follow up land tilting and opening of boundaries of all Government land and plant trees at the border.
  • The shortfall in the pension budget have been included in the F/Y 2018/19 budget.
  • In the IPPS work plan a component of field visit has been incorporated.
  • Monthly updates on IPPS have been made to effect payroll changes.
  • Ministry of Public Service has been addressed over the IPPS system errors.
  • Deduction codes have been ended on monthly basis for those that have completed the loans.
  • In addition, monthly displays of payroll have been made to allow staff verify their payments.
  • Ensuring timely submission of requests by the user departments to attain quality and timely service delivery.
  • Promote transparency accountability through procurement and disposal cycle for economy and efficiency in service delivery.
  • Make follow up on request submitted to line ministries.
  • Funding to the unit be increased during planning for FY 2018/19.
  • Accepting change by all stakeholders during procurement transition from manual to electronic Government procurement (e-GP).
  • Budgeting for records management d-function during the budgeting since the sector has an existing cost item on IFMS.
  • Recruitment of more staff.
  • Encouraging and facilitating filed visits to sensitize lower Local Governments on good records management practices.
  • Enough budget for cleaning and sanitary items for better working environment.
  • Budget for the District compound maintenance.
  • Budget for the lighting of the Administration block.
  1. 10.  Sector Priorities for 2018/19


  • Payment of salaries and pension on time.
  • Regular up date of the website.
  • Early Procurement.
  • Implementation of LFI Model.
  • Strengthen the Registry.
  • Conduct/attend all statutory meetings.
  • Conduct monitoring of service delivery.
  • Staff discipline and control.
  • Strengthen internal controls.
  • Staff appraisal.
  • Conduct Board of Survey.
  • Renovation of the District Headquarters.
  • Retooling under CB- Laptop
  • Continue to gather and disseminate information in print and Electronic media.
  • Pay for monthly internet subscriptions.
  • Produce the information bulletin.
  • Organize media quarterly briefing.
  • Purchase of Vehicle for CAO’S office
  • Repair of District Water office and DEO’S Vehicles.


  1. 11.  Other Emerging Issues and Policies.


  • There is need to strengthen the LED, PPP and LFI model to expand our financing.
  • There is a proposal to have URA to take over collection of all taxes in the country.
  • More emphasis has to be also attached to addressing cross cutting issues of Gender, climate change, Human Rights, Poverty, HIVAIDS, Disaster management, and others.
  • Mpigi District Local Government is going to pilot the e-Government procurement w.e.f July 2018. Preliminary activities have begun.
  • Mpigi District Local Government is now implementing the new structure. In the coming period we expect to hold the LCI, LCIII ,Women Council elections and also Operationalise the newly created town councils of Kayabwe and Buwama.
  • In 2018/19 we have planned to fill all posts were officers are in acting capacity.
  • We will intensify supervision, monitoring, community meetings (Barazas) to address short comings like absentiseem, poor time management and standard of services.
  • Development of an oil terminal at Namwabula village. We need to prepare early.
  • Development of strategic proposals under the GKMA.
  • Development of Mpigi master physical plan