Works and Technical Services

Works department comprises of a number of sectors that include (Roads and Technical Services and that of Rural Water and Sanitation, housing and mechanical). The sector further has to ensure proper quality in design, construction, inspection and maintenance of all Local Administration building structures. The national roads are developed and maintained by the Ministry of Works and Transport. The District Local Government maintains district roads while Community access roads are the responsibility of the Lower Local Governments. This section presents selected statistics on work services delivery.

The District has a total of approximately 125 Km of trunk roads, 203.8 km of feeder roads and 609 km of community roads. The district is in charge of maintaining the condition of Feeder roads whereas Sub-Counties maintain community roads.

Roads by grade, Length and condition
There are several categories of road networks including Trunk roads managed by the Central Government, Feeder roads managed by the District and Town councils, and community roads are maintained by community members.

Water and Sanitation Sector
The objectives of the sector include.

  1. To increased access to safe water and sanitation facilities.
  2. To ensure effective utilization and improved sustainability of water and sanitation facilities user maintenance strategy.
  3. To improve sector planning and programme management. The programme is to be implemented using the private firms that are contracted through the contracts committee, to carry out constructions of point water sources

District water and Sanitation analysis

Rural Water supply
The district depends on spring (protected and unprotected), hand dug wells, and hand augured wells, Boreholes, ponds, rivers, streams and lakes for their water supply.
The population depends largely on pit latrines for human excreta disposal. By the end of the financial year 2013/2014 safe water coverage was computed at 55% while safe sanitation coverage at 57.9%.

Urban Water Supply
The District has two piped water systems in one town council and one Rural growth Centre namely; Mpigi Town council and Bujuuko Rural Growth Centre. Mpigi town council is managed by Trandit Ltd. while Bujuuko Rural Growth Centre by Water board. They are all functioning well.

Water transport
Mpigi District has 29 Landing Sites and the fishing population/crew is 1564. There are 935 fishing boats and 84 boat engines. There are 16 Beach Management Units (BMUs).

Shows landing Sites and Boat Engines per Sub County



No Landing sites

No. boat engines