Tourism in Mpigi District

The district has a diverse core attractions but unexploited for tourism such as the L. Victoria shoreline, Equator, Forests, cultural sites, river spots and sceneries. The following are the tourist sites found in the district; the Equator, Mpanga Eco Tourism site, Katebo Crocodile Site, Landing Sites and Beaches on Lake Victoria, Cultural Sites (Kibuuka Omumbaale and Baganda Clan sites, Namirembe cultural site), Nsamizi Institute of Socio Development, Nkozi University, River Katonga, Nkozi Hospital, Bird Watching, and Katonga River. In addition, the district has got hospitality centers which include resorts, guesthouses and restaurants.

Financial Services

The district’s financial sector is composed of both local and multi-national Commercial Banks (Centenary Bank and Stannic Bank), Micro-Finance Institutions (Vision Fund, Mwodet, and Mednet), Savings and credit cooperative societies (SACCOs). Given the micro and small scale operation of businesses in the district, Micro-Finance and SACCOs take up the biggest financial services clientele.

Training Institutions

The district has two universities (Uganda Martyrs University and Nsamizi Institute of Social Development) and one technical school (Katonga Technical Institute). The district also has vocational training institutions in various sub-counties.

Economic Infrastructure

The district is traversed by two great roads that connect to neighbouring countries of Tanzania, Rwanda and DRC Congo (Kampala-Masaka-Katuna Road and Kampala-Fort portal Highways) and a well-developed road network of feeder and community access roads. Many parts of the district are connected to national power grid and the district has four rural gross centres and Town council that have access to piped water. There are 14 established markets which deal in various food stuffs and merchandise. The district is well covered by all telecommunication networks and as a wider coverage of both community and regional radios.