Chief Administrative Officer

I welcome you all to Mpigi District web portal, an exciting initiative to inform and educate our beloved colleagues and stakeholders on activities and events of the District aimed at improving service delivery as well as the well-being of the people of Mpigi District.

Mpigi like other Districts, gratefully embraces the efforts made by the Government of Republic of Uganda to encourage use of e-governance in management of public affairs especially information sharing through active participation on global networking. This move will help us manage effectively the coordination of service delivery in globally acceptable trend. In this regard, we are taking steps to reposition Mpigi District Local Government from being merely a unit of administration to a facilitator of wealth creation through Local Economic initiatives. A technical team was put in place to coordinate the implementation of LED initiatives in the District. The District LED team has also facilitated the development of an inventory of investment opportunities. I therefore call upon all investors to take advantage of these opportunities. This will in the long run create more employment, enhance household incomes and boost the District Local revenue base.

The District has also made tremendous achievements in the various sectors of Health, education, Works, Production, Finance and Planning, Natural resources and Community based services. All our efforts have been geared towards improving service delivery to our population.

I call upon readers to share with us and make necessary contributions aimed at improving the quality of service for the people of Mpigi and Uganda as a whole.
I wish to urge fellow Ugandans, development partners and the World at large that let us use  this platform to share knowledge, experiences and  devise ways of transforming Mpigi District into a modern society. Thank you!

Kanyarutokye Moses