Mpigi is one of the Districts that access Youth Livelihood Programme fund. The programme had benefited a number of youth with the overall goal of empowering the youth to harness their social economic potential and increase self-employment opportunities and income levels.
YLP Specific objective
i) To provide youth with marketable vocational skills and tool kits for self-vocational skills and tool kits for self-employment and job creation
ii) To provide financial support to enable the youth establish income generating activities
iii) To provide the youth with entrepreneurship and live skills as an integral part of their livelihoods
iv) To provide youth with relevant knowledge and information for attitudinal change
The District mostly targeted Youth that had never got the opportunity to attend formal education, single youth parent, youth with disability, youth living with HIV/AIDS, youth who have completed secondary school or tertiary institutions, school dropouts and University Graduates.
The Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP) has spent two (2) years in Mpigi District and is being implemented by the Youth Sector under the Community Based Services Department. The programme has a District Technical Support Team which comprises the Senior Community Development/YLP FPP – Mrs. Namusoke Margaret Elasu, the Senior Financial Officer – Mr. John Matovu, the District Commercial Officer – Mr. Kazibwe Ronald, The Head Procurement and Disposal Unit - Mr. Habib Kaggwa, and the Head Production sector - Dr. Kawagga Rueben. During its inception, the sector has registered a number of achievements.

• The capacity of some of the beneficiary to handle the project coupled with their level of education is low. This slows progress of the YIGs’ project implementation
• Signatories to YIGs’ accounts use different names which takes long to open up their accounts This makes the bank procedures long
• Lack of a field vehicle to perform on spot support supervision
• Insufficient funds for monitoring
• Security of YIGs’ projects is not certain since most projects are far from the beneficiaries’ areas of residence.
• Projects that deal in animal rearing such as poultry and piggery have a challenge of revering the YLP loan since the animals dies due to diseases such as new castle and swine fever. So far Mpambire A Twegatte Youth Piggery Project lost 32 piglets and Nabusanke youth piggery project lost 3 months pregnant gilts and one boar.
• The YIG members need to be constantly guided especially Youths who missed formal education and those who dropped out and lack skills should be encouraged to attend Functional Adult Classes
• Constant monitoring by both the district and sub counties should be effectively facilitated
• The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development should look into the issue of provision of field vehicles for the District Technical Support Teams to enable them spearhead the process of on sport monitoring and other YLP programme activities
• The YLP Institutional Support funds should be increased to enable the technical team both at District and Sub County levels perform their work effectively.
• The YIGs should be advised to have the projects be near their areas of residence.
• The YIGs should always prevent their animals from diseases through consulting the Veterinary Doctors